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studio éclair

classical music record label

founded in 2019, Tokyo

Namiko Nakayama

Debut Album//

Maurice Ravel  Miroirs  

Ravel’s polished sophistication and his absolute perfection are peerless, and to convert that to sound is a monumental task. It may be said that Namiko Nakayama takes on that challenge with the utmost sincerity and approaches the ideal. Her sincerity is seen in the way she contemplates each and every note in the score; the way she considers each note, what’s behind each note, and listens to every note she plays. I love the sincerity that Nakayama has.

This recording is centered around both mysterious

fantasy and classicism and is very worth listening to.   

 - Tokuhide Niimi, composer

Maurice Ravel Miroirs

ECL 001



Namiko Nakayama


on 1-2 May, 2019

at sonorium, Tokyo



Steinway & Sons D274



CD - DigiTray, Booklet: JP/EN

Streaming / MP3 / Hi-Res

official website//

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